As the city is progressing day by day in all means, such as business and society in the Middle East, more people are getting attracted to the luxury lifestyle and unique experience in this city. As more families are coming to this city, more children are coming to Dubai, and teaching is one of those professionals that are in high demand right now. With this tremendous amount of population growth, the demand for teaching, as a profession is increasing with exponential growth. Some tremendous growth in construction of schools have been seen near the luxury areas of Dubai like Port De La Mer Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Residence, and the Downtown city.


The educational activities in the whole UAE are handled by the Ministry of Education (MOE), which is governing both the sector’s government and also the private education sector in the country. However, MoE is not responsible for setting the curriculum of the private school, except for Arabic and Islamic studies. It does set the outline of holidays and school days in the country. Different Local Education Councils are set up the seven emirates of UAE by the MoE, which are responsible for keeping the Mandate of the MoE. in Dubai, the KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) carries out the responsibility of regulating the growth, quality and direction of education from childhood to adult stage of learning. The KHDA has announced plans to open over 60+ schools in the next 5 years to meet the requirement of an increasing number of children. Ultimately, the demand for the teaching profession has increased.


Here are some expectations that a teacher can look for in Dubai


Teaching is not an easy game, as sometimes, it can be both rewarding and frustrating. There are different definitions of teaching from different teachers according to their experiences.



As we all know that Dubai is a melting pot of people belonging to different cultures and countries. According to some research, more than 80% of the population in Dubai is of expats. So, there is a mix of students in different schools, some of them can speak and understand English. Many teachers find it challenging to work with students with different backgrounds, while some find it rewarding and a learning experience.



As the children belonging to different nationalities, the curriculum must be made different in schools to cater to all types of nationalities. The most commonly outlined syllabus by the KHDA is of; Australian, Indian, Philippine, British, American, and some IB ( International Baccalaureate). The hiring process for Western curriculum schools is stricter yet with smart salary packages, including housing allowance, medical insurance, flight tickets to visit back home once a year, and smart retirement packages. Pay scales for the teachers are often very handsome and can vary from AED 8000 to AED 14000 per month. The schools with Asian curriculum like Philippine, Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi are quite less, and the teachers might have to work other than teaching to sustain their living in Dubai.



There are two types of contracts in Dubai; local and the international. For the spouse of an already internationally hired employee, it is much likely that your visa will be stamped as the spouse visa and you will get the benefits as a part of your spouse package. The salaries for the one with a spouse visa are barely low as the company has to pay the other benefits. There is an opportunity in a disguise for the people with local visas, that companies look for people with local visas, so they don’t have to bear the excess expenses.



Most of the people consider it a business and looking just for profit. Minimizing the budget of the school can often demoralize the teachers, and they start decreasing the quality of education, resulting in poor education of schools. The buildings of the schools are very huge, and the most budget is likely to be consumed on the maintenance.


Anyone planning to migrate with their family looks for the quality of education in that country. Dubai doesn’t have only big villas like District One Villas Dubai or luxury park villas, but also quality schools. There is a big opportunity for teachers to work in Dubai, and get experience in educating students of different nationalities.